Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Fall Pickins'

If you are interested in any of these prim offerings, please contact me via email or phone.  Email checked nightly.  Travel costs will be additional and actual costs only (no handling fees.)  Thanks for looking. -Vicki


    Prim stacking boxes, handid, $29.99
     Votive candle holder, $14.00                                                 
     Fall fabric leaves bowl fillers, handid, $11.99
     Grungy prim covered book, handid, $9.99
     Antique candle box, $44.99  SOLD
     Lantern w/battery taper, $32.99

     Peter pumpkin, handid, $76.99
     Prim sawdust pillows (set 2,) handid, $29.99
     Lil' pumpkin, $7.99
     Hand-carved pumpkin candle, $19.99
     Black cat punch needle, handid, $32.99
     Old Ball jar prim waterer, $19.99
    Stacking boxes, handid, $34.99
     Doll, handid, $34.99
     Pottery candlestick, $17.99  SOLD
     Grungy bottle w/taper & handid, $11.99  SOLD
     Sunflower & crow nodder, handid, $19.99

    Pumpkin witch, handid, $54.99
     Crow on pumpkin, $14.99
     Black bowl, $49.99
     Grungy bottle w/taper & halloween label, handid, $11.99
     Twig wreath, $21.99
     Fraidy cat sign, $2.50
     Mocha lasting light, $49.99
    Scarecrow, $27.99
     Twig basket w/artificial greens, handid, $34.99
     Six-pointed pin cusion make-do, handid, $7.99
     Crow rug, $37.99
     Pumpkin doll, handid, $29.99

     Twig nest wax eggs, handid, $18.99
     Antique shoo-fly screen, $21.99
     Pumpkin, handid, $31.99
     Shelf w/stitchery, handid, $34.99
     Wooden spoons, (red, black, mustard or green), $1.99
     Wooden candle tray, $27.99
     Long 5-wick cake candle, $44.99
     Lil' fall bowl, $4.99
     Doll w/sheep necklace, handid, $39.99
     Bittersweet pillow, $19.99
     Antique butter churn, $89.99

     Primitive pocket wall hanging, handid, $17.99
     Witch boot, handid, $37.99
     1860 lantern lights pocket, handid, $16.99
     Bobbin light, $27.99
     Wall candle shelf, $34.99
     Berry ring, $4.99

     Crow in corn husk,  handid, $7.99
     Old Ball jar prim waterer, $19.99
     Funny face pumpkin, handid, $19.99
     Orange willow tree, $17.99
    Antique sieve, $14.99

     Stacking boxes, handid, $44.99
     Prim tree in grungy Ball jar, handid, $29.99  SOLD
     Pumpkin lantern light w/votive, $21.99
     Lil' pumpkin, $8.99


  1. Hi Vicki, I joined your blog I am part of the the primitive pantry team and I LOVE you shop!!!!!

    I was wondering if you could go to my blog and sign up you do not need to leave a comment I just am trying to get al least 300 followers so I can DO A HUGE Christmas giveaway!!!!!!!

    I have 260 member so I just need some more then I can post.

    I am happy your selling blog for us at the pantry!!!!


  2. Hi Vicki!! Karen Martinson commented on my blog that she wants to visit my shop and yours. I asked her if you had a blog, and she sent me the link. How fun!! I have not had the chance to visit your shop yet, but now I can. I will have to investigate if you have pics of the outside of the shop...
    Glad to find you here!!! I missed Madison for the FIRST time in the six years I have been in business. It just didn't work for me to go this time. Sounds like it was kind of crazy. Must be a good thing!