Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Chillin' This Winter

Hi everyone!  Now that Simply... is closed for the season - what HAVE I been doing with free weekends?  Well, truthfully not much.  Winter is just not my cup of tea for outdoor sports so I have been pretty much hanging out around the house, enjoying some much-needed downtime.  I'm beginning to get a little restless though and will be breaking out the craft supplies this week and making some great things for the shoppe.  I've several new projects in mind, have all the supplies and just need to get going.  Hope this winter season finds you all doing well and enjoying whatever it is keeps you busy while Old Man Winter blows outside.  I'll be heading to market mid-March and open again May 5th.  I'll post some sneek peeks when I return from market.  In the meantime, Be Wise - Be Kind - Be True.  Warmly, Vicki.


  1. Good morning Vicki,
    First off thanks so much for visiting my blog...always nice to see you there.

    Oh my gosh you are going to Yore! You will fall in love and want to stay
    Now how could you resist photos! I live for photos - it's like a preview to me.

    I'm not sure just where Trego is but must be close enough to Yore that we could have come your way but I guess with your shop closed it wouldn't have paid off!
    Hopefully this summer another road trip will be in order and then you'll see us your way.


  2. Hello! I found you. It was wonderful talking to you today. Can't wait to visit your shop again soon. Here's wishing you a fabulous season!